NHDP Welcomes Ovide Lamontagne into 2010 Senate Race

Candidacy Sparks Civil War, Signals Republicans Seriously Second-Guessing Ayotte Candidacy

CONCORD - The New Hampshire Democratic Party today welcomed Ovide Lamontagne into New Hampshire's 2010 Senate race. Lamontagne joins former state AG Kelly Ayotte, Rye businessman Bill Binnie and Hollis businessman Jim Bender on a crowded Republican ticket, already being referred to in political circles as "civil war." (Washington Post, 11/9/09)
Lamontagne appears to be running on the same woefully out of touch platform as his fellow Republican candidates, quoted as saying that "no one is denied healthcare in America" and that the disastrous Bush tax cuts for America's wealthiest families could "relieve the burden on industry and small businesses." (Union Leader, 11/8/09)
"We'd like to welcome Ovide Lamontagne to the growing field of Republicans running for the Senate," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Lamontagne joins a lively, and ever-growing, Republican field full of candidates who are promising Granite Staters more of the same failed Bush politics: tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, Wall Street greed, and allowing insurance companies to deny care for preexisting conditions.  It's a race to the bottom, and we say the more, the merrier!"
Lamontagne's self-declared "anti-establishment" candidacy is particularly bad news for Kelly Ayotte, the one-time golden girl of Washington Republicans and the DC establishment. Just last week the NRSC abandoned Ayotte, saying that in a contested primary, "there's no incentive for us to weigh in." (ABC News, 11/4/09)