NRCC - UL: Shea-Porter Betrayed New Hampshire

In addition to today’s Washington Times piece, here’s another item where Carol Shea-Porter’s New Hampshire disconnect is cited. 

Betraying NH: Pelosi’s Poodle Turns Tail

New Hampshire Union Leader


November 10, 2009

Nancy Pelosi's New Hampshire poodles, Reps. Carol Shea-Pelosi and Paul Hodes-Pelosi, betrayed their home state on Saturday. Their master told them to vote for her mind-bogglingly complex and unfathomably costly health care "reform" bill, and they dutifully did as ordered. We hope Pelosi gave them a nice treat for so obediently rolling over.

Pelosi trained her poodles well. She said, "Speak!" and they yipped about the glories of her bill while ignoring its costs and flaws. She said, "Lie down!" and they dismissed the warnings of those who noted correctly that the bill would impose a massive unfunded mandate on New Hampshire. That mandate -- coming in the form of expanded Medicaid coverage -- could cost Granite State taxpayers more than $1 billion in the next decade.

Hello, income tax.

No one seriously expected them to do anything else. They have been Pelosi's loyal pets all along. But Gov. John Lynch has been a disappointment.

The governor sees the looming financial disaster this bill would bring to the state. He has publicly expressed concerns about it. But that's not enough. His office says he has "been in close contact" with our representatives and Pelosi. But he has not openly held Pelosi's poodles to account for what their votes would do to the state budget.

Maybe the reason he didn't loudly oppose this downshifting of costs to the states is because he did the same thing to local governments this year. The governor balanced the state budget in part by making local governments pay more for employee retirement costs and by withholding revenue-sharing money that had always gone to municipalities. Calling out Pelosi's downshifting would bring attention to his own.

New Hampshire is being let down by its elected Democratic leaders. Two have betrayed us, and one stayed largely quiet as they did so. If New Hampshire passes an income tax so Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama can live out their New Deal fantasies, at least we'll know whom to blame.