NRCC - WaTimes: Guinta Eyes House Seat

NOTE: “Carol Shea-Porter has become disconnected from voters in New Hampshire, an unfortunate reality that shows not only in her radically left voting record but also in her actions — literally avoiding her constituents and carelessly backtracking on promises,” said Tory Mazzola, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. “New Hampshire voters want a strong voice in Congress that fights for fiscal responsibility, limited government and job creation, not someone like Carol Shea-Porter who caves to Pelosi and believes in big government.”

N.H. Mayor Guinta Eyes House Seat

Cut Taxes, Spending Key He Says

By Kara Rowland

November 10,2009

Before “tea partyers” unified to bemoan the tax-and-spend ways of Democrat-dominated Washington, the Republican mayor of Manchester, N.H., drove a tax cut through the Democrat-controlled board of aldermen.

Mayor Frank Guinta says the message is clear for a Republican Party that no longer holds a House seat anywhere in New England: Cutting taxes and spending is the way to the swing voter's heart, even in liberal-leaning blue states.

"We've really changed the debate in Manchester, rather than, 'How high are taxes going to be this year' to, 'Hey, we could have a tax cut,'" said Mr. Guinta, who will try for a Democratically held seat next year when he leaves office.

"If you're a spender, you're out, and I think it's a good time for someone like me to be running who in the toughest times for Republicans to win was doing the opposite of what some Republicans were doing. It shows people I have the conviction and courage to stand by my principles," Mr. Guinta said. […]

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