Statement from the NHDP Chair Following the Republican Party Press Conference on Health Insurance Reform

Concord - Today, the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Ray Buckley, issued a statement on the press conference held by John Stephen, Jeb Bradley, and state Republicans.
"Once again, the Republican Party has proven they will say anything to derail meaningful health insurance reform.  Throughout this process, they have continually spread misinformation about the proposals in Congress in an effort to obstruct progress on this very important issue.  
"Now, they have even raised the specter of an income tax in an effort to scare the people of New Hampshire and prevent the passage of this important legislation.  What is really scary is that 143,000 Granite Staters do not have health insurance and thousands more are struggling with costs that are spiraling out of control.
"The historic legislation passed by Congress this weekend is an important step forward.  Almost all of the costs to states are covered in the House bill, and we are confident that a final bill will not lead to an increased burden on states. 

"Jeb Bradley, John Stephen, and the Republican party should be ashamed for deliberately trying to mislead the people of New Hampshire. They should apologize to the 143,000 Granite Staters who leave every day with the fear their families will be decimated by the enormous cost of healthcare. One would think that at some point the Republican party would stop being the party of no and start participating in addressing the concerns of the people.