NHDP - “KellyCare”: Women Pay More, Insurance Companies Make More

Far-Right Blogosphere Embraces Ayotte's Plan to Put Healthcare in Hands of Insurance Company Bureaucrats

CONCORD -Underscoring how out of touch Kelly Ayotte is with the needs of real New Hampshire families, far-right blogger GraniteGrok delivered a ringing endorsement today of "KellyCare" - Ayotte's plan to eliminate essential New Hampshire insurance mandates, giving insurance companies complete control over the healthcare of Granite Staters (Ayotte Remarks, Keene, 11/7/09).

In New Hampshire, these mandates ensure that insurance companies cover crucial services like healthcare during pregnancy, mammograms for breast cancer screening and care for newborns. The mandates include Michelle's Law, an historic piece of legislation passed last month that allows college students to remain on their parent's health insurance plan should they fall seriously ill.
Under "KellyCare" insurance companies could opt to not provide healthcare during pregnancy or care for newborn children. Not to worry, say Kelly Ayotte's friends: "I'm in my 50's - so is my wife. Stranger things have happened, but I'm 99% sure that we aren't going to have any more children." (GraniteGrok, 11/11/09). "KellyCare" would also threaten coverage for mammograms required to detect breast cancer early. Ayotte's friends don't have a problem with this either - "Life is full of risks," they say (GraniteGrok, 11/11/09).

And finally - "KellyCare" would undue Michelle's Law, the landmark bill ushered into law by Congressman Paul Hodes, which allows college students who become seriously ill to take extended medical leave and remain on their parents' insurance plan. Grow up, Kelly's friends tell students facing life-threatening medical conditions: "At what point do kids become adults?" (GraniteGrok, 11/11/09).

"'KellyCare' puts the health of Granite Staters directly in the hands of the insurance bureaucracies that derailed our healthcare system in the first place," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "The comments by Ayotte and her right-wing friends reveal a dangerous plan that would deny protections to women and children while lining the pockets of insurance companies."

"The more the we find out about Kelly Ayotte and her right-wing agenda, the more out of touch she is with New Hampshire families," added Browne.