NetRight Daily: Gangster Government

Valerie Jarrett's "Gangster Government":  Call it "gangster government"—an over-glorified protection racket that favors those who tow the party line, and viciously retaliates against those who dare to depart from the dogma of the Dear Leader.

DeMint's "Citizen Leadership" on Term Limits:  If the year of the "Tea Party" and the summer of the "Town Hall" are to bring lasting change to the American political system, then the elected representatives of both parties need to heed the fundamental message that was sent.

Michele Bachman--GOP Rising Star:  There is a new star in the GOP firmament and she is principled, savvy, articulate and beautiful. No, I don't mean Sarah, though the former Alaska Governor has already demonstrated the ability of a conservative woman to connect with the voters.

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