NHDP - After Ignoring NH Voters, Ayotte Opens Up to Club for Growth

Kelly Gives the Extreme Right Answers that Granite Staters Have Been Looking For

CONCORD - While courting the Club for Growth this week, Kelly Ayotte gave the radical right-wing group answers she's been denying New Hampshire voters since getting in the Senate race. And after meeting with Ayotte, the Club's Executive Director David Keating called her a "very impressive candidate" (Nashua Telegraph, 11/12/09).
What did Kelly Ayotte have to promise to merit such warm words from the Club - known for its draconian conservative values and attempts to "purify" the GOP - and why is she full of answers for the extreme right, but noticeably silent with New Hampshire voters?

"It's hard to understand why Kelly thinks the far right deserves answers but New Hampshire voters don't," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "For months, Granite Staters have been asking where she stands on everything from healthcare to women's rights to jobs. Now an extremist political machine gets the answers before New Hampshire families do. It's clear where Granite Staters stand on Kelly Ayotte's priority list."
Since announcing her candidacy last month, Ayotte has failed to take positions on a number of crucial issues for New Hampshire families, including her refusal to tell voters whose model she would follow as a senator - the uber-conservative Sen. Jim Demint (R-SC) or the more moderate Olympia Snowe (R-ME) (Ayotte Remarks, Laconia, 9/9/09).In her rare moments of opinion, she falls back on failed Bush-era policies including insurance company-run healthcare and tax cuts for the rich - or relies on Republican talking points sent directly from her Washington handlers, refusing to get into specifics:


On the budget: "Washington needs to be more responsible for their decisions." (Nashua Telegraph, 11/12/09)
On healthcare: "What we need to do is improve competition and reduce costs without affecting quality." (Nashua Telegraph, 11/12/09)
On the economy: "I believe in a free market." (Union Leader, 9/28/09)


When Ayotte entered the race, her own party referred to her as a blank slate, questioning what kind of Republican she would be (RedHampshire, 7/20/09; Laconia Citizen, 9/10/09). After attempting to conceal her far-right positions in the first months of the campaign, an increasingly serious primary competition has revealed Ayotte as squarely in the pocket of the extreme right. Her recent fundraising numbers included over $100,00 from the PACs of the US Senate's most conservative members - including Rick Santorum, John Cornyn, Trent Lott, Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl" (Concord Monitor, 10/25/09). Ayotte also jumped outside the New Hampshire mainstream with her endorsement of far-right Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 Congressional special election earlier this month (The Hill, 11/7/09).
"Kelly needs to stop standing where it's politically convenient and be frank with New Hamphsire voters about her right-wing agenda," added Browne. "If the Club for Growth gets to see her true political colors, so should we."