CHQ - Pelosi Uses Chicago Politics to Pass "Obamacare"

Pelosi Uses Chicago-Style Politics to Pass House Version of Obamacare - It didn't matter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Democrat Bill Owens was not certified by the State of New York when she swore him into office right before the House voted on its version of Obamacare.  Chicago-style politics, and all of its corruption, has made its way into the United States Congress, where Democrats will do whatever it takes to ensure their Far Left agenda is passed.  [Read the Blog Here]

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Continue to Lie, Mr. Crist.
Center for Individual Freedom - Florida Governor Charlie Crist already has his hands full with challenger Marco Rubio steadily gaining endorsements from conservative individuals and organizations.  Now, Crist is digging himself a deeper hole as he continues to lie about his support for Obama's $787 billion stimulus boondoggle. 

Obama Wants ACORN Fundraiser on Federal Bench
Washington DC Examiner - On Nov. 17, the Senate is projected to vote on the judicial nomination of Judge David Hamilton.  Hamilton, an Obama nominee, was previously a fundraiser for the corrupt ACORN organization, and has shown to be extremely hostile to Christians.  The Washington DC Examiner writes that Hamilton is "considered the most extreme judicial nominee thus far from Obama."

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