NetRight Daily: Dropping Like Flies at the White House

White House Shakeup, Greg Craig Leaving Obama Administration:  Anita Dunn, Greg Craig, Van Jones, who is next? Valerie Jarrett? David Axelrod? Dare I suggest, Rahm Emanuel? Any or all of those three can go..

VIDEO:  Senator Jeff Sessions discusses Health Care, Judicial Nominees and the Obama administration.

Capitalize on Respect:  Despite all the obstacles to success that the Obama administration is trying to impose, small business owners and their employees have cause to be optimistic.  The American public simply does not believe the current socialist rhetoric demonizing Capitalism.

Voters Want Green... In Their Wallets:  As the fallout continues to settle from the 2009 elections, among the more overlooked results was a ballot issue in Boulder County, Colorado that would have extended an existing sales tax to fund the acquisition of additional "open space."

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