Poetry Society of NH - Poetry Contest for NH Students

The Poetry Society of New Hampshire is sponsoring two contests for New Hampshire students, one for Grades 1 - 8 and one for High School. Ten winners from each category will be published in the The Poets’ Touchstone, the quarterly poetry magazine published by the Society. There are strict guidelines which must be followed and a deadline of March 31, 2010. For a copy of the guidelines, send a number 10 self-addressed stamped envelope to the Poetry Society of NH, 31 Reservoir Road, Farmington, NH 03835 or e-mail poetrysocietyofnh@gmail.com

There is no theme this year.

The Poetry Society of NH is a non profit, state-wide membership organization dedicated to the promotion of poetry. The society publishes the quarterly journal The Poets Touchstone, sponsors poetry contests and hosts poetry readings and workshops. The society also publishes anthologies, most recently The 2008 Poets Guide to NH and The Other Side of Sorrow, Poets Speak Out About Conflict, War and Peace, and the occasional chapbook. The society can be reached at poetrysocietyofnh@gmail.com