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Myth vs Reality

Health Insurance Reform and Veterans

Health insurance reform opponents continue to spread myths about the recently-passed Affordable Health Care for America Act, including saying that reform will undermine the health care that veterans and military families have now. The latest myth spread by some Republican Members is that the bill passed by the House fails to ensure that veterans and service members will have the choice to purchase insurance through the Exchange. But the facts continue to knock these myths down.

MYTH: "The House-passed health insurance reform bill reneges on a promise to ensure veterans, service members, and their dependents have the choice of enrolling in the new Health Insurance Exchange."
FACT: The Affordable Health Care for America Act fulfills Democrats´ commitment to ensure choice for veterans, service members, and their families. The House-passed bill allows veterans receiving VA health care or service members and their families receiving TRICARE to also enroll in an insurance plan through the bill´s Health Insurance Exchange.
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