First Crist, Now Ayotte Forgets Her Support for Stimulus Programs

Video Ayotte Does NOT Want The Club For Growth To See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3juQx6pXBs8

On the heels of Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s awkward flip-flop over his support for the Economic Recovery Act, Kelly Ayotte seems to be suffering from the same amnesia. In Sunday’s Union Leader, Ayotte’s campaign chairman, Steve Merrill, argued that while Crist has been criticized by his primary opponent, Marco Rubio, for supporting the stimulus plan “that sort of connection does not exist among these Republicans in New Hampshire.”  However, Kelly Ayotte is the only Republican in the primary field who did support the President’s stimulus package.

 “Kelly Ayotte gets an A+ for trying to be all things to all people,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Communications Director Eric Schultz. “Despite lauding stimulus spending a few months ago, with Ayotte’s dramatic moves to the right comes her own reinvention. New Hampshire voters are not going to fall for this trick, and with her stimulus hypocrisy, Kelly Ayotte is proving herself to be just another say one thing, do another politician.”

In Florida, Governor Charlie Crist gave his strong support to the President’s stimulus package and even appeared with him at a campaign-style event in Florida in February, designed to drum up support for the stimulus.  Since then, Crist decided to run for the Senate and has been locked in a tough primary battle against the more conservative Marco Rubio.  Faced with sagging poll numbers and an angry Republican base, Crist flip-flopped and now claims that he didn’t really endorse the stimulus itself, but endorsed the “concept.”  The bleeding hasn’t stopped for Crist, with the Club for Growth recently endorsing Marco Rubio over Crist, a large reason being Crist’s initial support for the stimulus.   

NH Political Report: Ayotte Made “Strong Endorsements” Of President Obama’s Stimulus Plan. In 2009, the New Hampshire Political Report noted that as Attorney General Ayotte praised the stimulus and said it was useful to fight crime. The article read,While Attorney General, Ayotte made strong endorsements of President Obama's Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  She told the press that a stimulus bill was necessary to stem a rise in crime during the economic downturn, saying: ‘in times of economic uncertainty and with the potential for increasing crime, we need to continue to support these programs.’” [New Hampshire Political Report, 7/17/09]

Ayotte Used Stimulus Money To Create A Homicide Unit. As Attorney General, Ayotte used stimulus money to cover the costs of a new cold-case homicide unit after lawmakers decided there wasn't enough state money to pay for the four-year project. [State House Dome, 8/16/09]

Ayotte Turned Against Cold Case Squad She Started With Stimulus Dollars. In September 2009, Ayotte stated that the cold case squad she started as AG using stimulus money was not a good use of stimulus money. She said while a cold case squad “is an appropriate use of law enforcement grants, I don't believe that particular program is going to stimulate the economy and the purpose of the stimulus was to stimulate the economy and create jobs.” [Union-Leader, 9/27/09]