DSCC - Landrigan on Ayotte v Lamontagne

LANDRIAGN ON AYOTTE: She’s done nothing to this point to show to social or fiscal conservatives that she’s willing to buck what Washington wants on any issue of the day.

LANDRIGAN ON LAMONTAGNE: A look at the past reveals Lamontagne was not a prodigious fundraiser when he became the nominee for governor in 1996. Money didn’t win that primary against then-GOP Congressman Bill Zeliff; the hard work of Lamontagne and conservative activists in a low-turnout primary was what turned the tide.

Nashua Telegraph Column: Expanded gambling not always sure thing

Kevin Landrigan

November 15, 2009


Big-time support

Senior U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg has come out publicly for Republican Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte.

A letter from Gregg to GOP financial supporters and longtime activists began showing up in mailboxes this weekend.

This is not earth-shattering news.

From the outset, Gregg has made it clear that he thinks Ayotte is more than a suitable replacement to him.[…]

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