Franklin Center - Did you hear about the Fake Congressional Districts?

Franklin Center uncovers Stimulus funding for Congressional Districts
That Don’t Exist!

Watchdog reporters from across the country have uncovered nearly $6.4 billion in stimulus spending that saved or created jobs in congressional districts that don’t exist –
  440 phantom Congressional Districts to be exact!
In a story reported yesterday by Jim Scarantino of  New Mexico Watchdog, stimulus funds were sent to New Mexico’s twenty-second, thirty-fifth, forty and fourth congressional districts. The state only has three.

Franklin reporters from across the country began uncovering similar scenarios, resulting in the misuse of billions of dollars and claims by the Obama administration of jobs saved and created that don’t exist.

Mainstream media outlets such as ABC News have taken the baton from Franklin Center and have launched their own investigation. Washington Examiner Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott used the Watchdog reporter’s findings in his opinion editorial this morning.  And Fox News morning show Fox & Friends discussed the story with talk show host Laura Ingraham.

Elected officials are also reacting to the watchdog reporter’s findings.  Rep. David Obey (D-WI) blasted the misinformation on the web site and called for increased transparency.

Click here to read the complete story by Bill McMorris and see for yourself how Franklin Center is combining old school journalism with new media technology to keep government accountable to the people. 

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