Franklin Center - Media Release: Phantom Congressional Districts

Govt. Watchdog uncovers stimulus spending and job creation in non-existent congressional districts

November 17th, 2009 —Watchdog news sites from across the country are reporting that billions in federal stimulus funds have been used to create or save jobs in non-existent congressional districts.

In a story first reported by New Mexico Watchdog (, the Obama administration reported millions in spending and job creation in congressional districts that do not exist. Information provided by showed that stimulus funds went to New Mexico’s twenty-second, thirty-fifth, forty and fourth congressional districts.  The state only has three.

The NM Watchdog story inspired a national investigation by watchdog news groups into the stimulus tracking site.  In all, nearly $6.4 billion was used to “create or save” nearly thirty-thousand jobs in non-existing districts – 440 to be exact., a project of the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity (, is keeping a running tally of stimulus spending and jobs created/saved in non-existing congressional districts, as reported by each state watchdog news organization.

Mainstream media organizations such as the Washington Examiner have picked up the story and ABC News has launched its own investigation. news groups are continuing their investigation into the billions spent to “save or create” jobs in non-existing congressional districts.  To read the complete story by Bill McMorris click here and go to check out the latest news on this developing story as well a state by state breakdown expected to be published later today.