Franklin Center - Releases District by (Phantom) District Stimulus Guide

November 18 – has prepared the nation’s first state-by-state investigation into the phantom districts that have received more than $6.4 billion in stimulus funds.

Jim Scarantino of New Mexico Watchdog first alerted the nation of the troubling findings on His investigation into stimulus payments courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 found that millions of dollars were poured into congressional districts that did not exist to “create or save” jobs that were created out of thin air.

Similar reports began pouring out of every state. reporter Bill McMorris has gathered all the information discovered by journalists across the nation and conducted his own investigation into the information found on His research will take the reader through phantom districts in all 50 states, four territories and Washington D.C.

Findings of Interest:

·         A non-existent district in Tennessee received nearly $41 million in stimulus funds and used that money to produce 0 jobs. District 00 received all but $13 million that was sent to the seven phantom districts in the state, but produced fewer jobs than the non-existent 11th district, which created or saved 3 jobs using $39,000. 

·         More than $2 million was given to the 99th District of North Dakota, a state which has only one congressional district. In order to qualify for 99 districts, North Dakota would have to have a population of about 60 million people, almost 24 million more people than California.


 Your Guide to the Stimulus, District by (Phantom) District” provides a state by state overview of federal stimulus funds  sent to phantom congressional districts and the number of jobs “created or saved” as a result of the spending. This latest story, found on, provides links to articles and state analysis reported by a network of watchdog journalists.

Click here to read “Your Guide to the Stimulus, District by (Phantom) District” by Bill McMorris and go to to get the latest news and updates about your state and local government.