NetRight Daily: Health Care, Stimulus, Valerie Jarrett and More!

The Real Issue is the "Public Option":  On Saturday, November 7th Nancy Pelosi secured the votes she needed to pass ObamaCare by allowing the controversial Stupak Amendment--which made it illegal for taxpayer-subsidized insurance plans to cover abortions--to be included in the bill.

Stanford Alumni Blow the Whistle on Valerie Jarrett:  After a Stanford Alumni magazine publishes a puff piece about Jarrett, Almuni write in to set the record straight, "speaking truth to power."

Bogus Jobs from the Stimulus Bill:  Hats off to David Freddoso and Mark Hemingway from the Washington Examiner for doing this research. They created a map of 75,343 bogus jobs "created or saved" by the Stimulus bill.

The Man Who Predicted the Depression:  Ludwig von Mises was snubbed by economists world-wide as he warned of a credit crisis in the 1920s. We ignore the great Austrian at our peril today.

The WIRE:  Today's Washington Wire looks at Valerie Jarrett, Politico and "Obamaville's".

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