Shea-Porter And Hodes’ Stimulus Boondoggle Funding “Projects” In NH CD-4, CD-6, CD-27 And CD-00

CONCORD – The Washington Times (11/17) today reports that the Democrats’ “Stimulus” boondoggle is sending billions of dollars to non-existent Congressional Districts across the country. This includes almost $200,000,0000 that the Obama Administration claims was sent to the imaginary 4th, 6th, 27th and 00th New Hampshire Congressional Districts. In reality, New Hampshire only has two Congressional Districts.

According to Recovery.gov, the website the Obama Administration promised would accurately track the use of the $787 billion stimulus dollars, $1,471,518 has been allocated for projects in the “6th” District in addition to $1,033,809 for the “4th” District and $124,774 for the “27th” District. The website also claims that an astounding 2,893.9 jobs were created as a result of $194,537,372 stimulus dollars sent to New Hampshire’s phantom “00” district.

“The people of the “00th” Congressional District can be proud of their Member of Congress for “creating” so many jobs.  But the rest of New Hampshire should throw their members – Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes – out of public office and back into the terrible jobs market they have created,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “The multi-billion dollar ‘stimulus’ boondoggle has failed to create the 16,000 Granite State jobs that Representatives Shea-Porter and Hodes promised.”