CHQ - Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye If Health Care Passes

Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye If Health Care Passes - Judge Andrew Napolitano writes at Reason: "Congress recognizes no limits on its power. It doesn't care about the Constitution; it doesn't care about your inalienable rights. If this health care bill becomes law, America, life as you have known it, freedom as you have exercised it, and privacy as you have enjoyed it will cease to be."  Find This Story at News From The Front

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Doug Hoffman 'Unconcedes' Race in NY-23
America's Right - The margin of victory in the NY-23 special election is shrinking daily, prompting conservative Doug Hoffman to 'unconcede' the race he thought he lost on Nov. 3.  A Hoffman victory in NY-23 would be a long shot, but still possible.

Michelle Malkin: Who's Afraid of Conservative Women? - 'Female Conservative Derangement Syndrome' has spread to England, where London's The Observer wrote a cynical piece on conservative women in the US. "This is no time for mealy-mouthed moderation," writes Malkin. "The only thing kowtowing will get you is rug burn."

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