GAO reports 10% of jobs WH claimed to have created were on projects that spent no money?

Manchester, NH – The Government Accountability Office analyzed the White House’s October report on the jobs creation success of the stimulus package.  ABC news today reports it obtained a copy of the report which finds, “More than 50,000 jobs, or one out of every 10 jobs the White House says were "saved or created" by their economic stimulus plan, came from projects that reported spending no money yet, “  GAO Says More Than 50,000 Jobs Claimed from Stimulus Projects That Have Spent No Money, By JONATHAN KARL, Nov. 18, 2009,

 1st District Congressional Candidate Frank Guinta released the following statement following the report:

““This report from a non-partisan organization now says that the White House is claiming 50,000 jobs were created or saved through programs that haven’t spent a dime.  The fact is, stimulus money can’t pay for jobs if the money hasn’t been spent. Carol Shea-Porter supported this trillion dollar disaster.  She supported its rush through Congress without planning or proper forethought and now we are all paying for the lack of organization and complete misrepresentation of the success.  The stimulus plan is proving to be more of a failure than first thought, and what is our Congresswoman doing about that?  Asking us for another trillion dollars for another ‘rushed through with no forethought’ bill.  This time for healthcare.  Congress needs to stop, take a step back and use some common sense.  If we learn anything from this stimulus boondoggle it should be that the government is not equipped to handle that size of a project in a responsible manner and should in the future take their time and do it right.  We need to fix the economy, and we need health care reform. But if we don’t do it right, it will be a useless waste of time and taxpayer money.”