Daily Grind: Republicans' Lack of Unity Paves Way for Radicals

Editorial: Senate Republicans' Lack of Unity Paves Way for Judicial Radicals, Fuels GOP Dissatisfaction
The confirmation of Judge David Hamilton could lay the groundwork for Senate Democrats to run the table on judicial nominations.

The Crony Capitalism Cafe….. Yes Senator I'll have the Free Lunch Also!!
Everyone wants a free lunch these days, and it seems that in the Cafe of Crony Capitalism, also known as Washington, the free lunch special is being handed out as openly as the candy.

Nidal Hasan Is Not Timothy McVeigh
Reaction from the left and the mainstream media to the Fort Hood massacre reveals a weak and wobbly resolve that threatens US security.

The Wire: How Not to Win Elections and Influence Voters
Today's edition covers Republicans not taking the lead and China.

ALG in the News: Capitol South in Culpeper Times
Americans for Limited Government's own weekly comic strip "Capitol South" is featured in the Culpeper Times.