NetRight Daily: Government Care Will Fail

Government Will Fail on Health Care Record Keeping:  As the era of Big Government begins to wear on people, a multitude of evidence has come to the fore to show us just how inefficient and even dangerous the growth of government can be.

Another Tax Cheater from Obama:  It appears that the Obama Administration has hit yet another tax road block with one of its top appointments. Lael Brainard, Obama's choice to become the Treasury Undersecretary of International Affairs, has a tax problem. In short, she conveniently forgets to pay them.

State Recessions, Big Government Obsessions:  House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has now announced that it is time for the bankrupt federal government to bail out the various bankrupt states. In the real world, this would be known as absurd. In Washington, it is known as politics as usual.

DC Stimulus Funds La Raza and AARP:  Longtime Washington, DC residents are in for a surprise. According to the website, which supposedly tracks stimulus spending under the recently passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the District of Columbia contains 99 congressional districts. (H/T

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