NHDP - 'KellyCare' Puts Insurance Companies Before New Hampshire Women

Plan is Ayotte's Latest Failure to Buck GOP Establishment and Stand up for the Granite State

CONCORD - With a proven track record of stonewalling efforts to improve health care for New Hampshire women, 'KellyCare' is the latest example of Kelly Ayotte standing with the GOP establishment before New Hampshire families.
Ayotte is pushing a GOP establishment health care plan that would do away with essential state-level consumer protections that hold insurance companies accountable to New Hampshire residents. Under 'KellyCare' insurance companies would no longer have to cover:

  • Mammography and other kinds of breast cancer screening
  • OB/GYN care
  • Pregnancy, delivery and postpartum coverage
  • Care for newborn children
  • Reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy
  • Hair prosthesis after chemotherapy
  • Certain kinds of bone marrow transplants to treat breast cancer
  • Contraceptive services

"Kelly Ayotte has proven she will protect the profits of insurance companies before the well-being of New Hampshire women," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Rather than fight to ensure that we are covered for essential services like OB/GYN care and breast cancer screening, she is bowing to pressure from her base in Washington and her friends in the insurance industry."
Ayotte has a track record of stonewalling efforts to improve the health of New Hampshire women. She was acting as a top advisor and legal counsel for Governor Craig Benson in 2003 when Benson signed into law anti-choice legislation that would undermine the reproductive freedoms guaranteed to New Hampshire women under Roe v. Wade. Women's advocates across New Hampshire and the Northeast challenged the bill in US District Court, arguing that the legislation disregarded the Constitution and threatened access to life-saving procedures for young women.  After the District Court of New Hampshire struck down the Act as unconstitutional, Ayotte, in her new role as New Hampshire's Attorney General, personally argued in favor of the anti-choice legislation in front of the U.S. Supreme Court (Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England). Despite Ayotte's efforts, the New Hampshire Legislature eventually repealed the misguided law.
Ayotte was also acting as Benson's top advisor when he passed the ill-fated New Hampshire health care bill, SB110, into law. This attempt to lessen regulations on insurance companies threatened health care for families across the state by allowing insurance companies to cherry-pick who they wanted to cover and who they would deny care to. It was also ultimately repealed by the Legislature.
"'KellyCare' is not the first time Kelly Ayotte has stood between the women of New Hampshire and quality health care," said Browne.