Bearse Warns Party to Change Its Ways or Lose NH CD 1 Again in 2010

This week (Sunday eve, Tuesday morn and Thursday eve, respectively), Congressional Candidate Peter Bearse spoke to the Tri-Town Republican Town Committee (RTC), the House Republican Alliance (HRA) and the Hampstead RTC. Tri-Town brings together Republicans in Stratham, Exeter and North Hampton. The HRA is a caucus of conservative Republicans in the State Legislature. At least 25 members of each group were present. Bearse was warmly received by them.

He spoke a message that is very different from what they are hearing from the other candidates vying for the opportunity to beat current U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter. He said that the GOP will lose a great opportunity to win back the seat lost by Jeb Bradley if it continues to field the go-along/get-along, same-old/same old candidates in ‘10 that lost to the Democrats in ‘06 and ’08. 2010 will be a historic political year, Bearse remarked, because the great American

majority of voters are finally waking up to recognize they’ve got to get involved if the American economy is to be restored and our Republic revived. Independents, most of whom are sick of party politics, will make the difference. Seeking to do just that, they’ll be looking for a different brand of candidate.

Bearse went on to highlight what sets his candidacy apart from the others. He is the only:

v     Doctor of Economics prepared to provide leadership towards economic recovery and help people through the hard times -- the only candidate who has provided an alternative to the so-called “stimulus.”

v     Candidate speaking to people’s main concern: “Congress is Broke and only We the People can fix it!” Thus, Dr. Bearse has provided both the strategy and a program for a 21st Century “Compact with America”.

v     Long-term (40+ years) political activist at a time when people want someone to raise hell in Congress, not play the same-old, go-along/get-along and spend-spend-spend games that threaten to bankrupt America.

v     Candidate to consistently emphasize science, innovation and entrepreneurship as the prime drivers of economic recovery and sources of solutions to a number of the challenges we face. “Are these found in the Congress”, Bearse asked. “No. Are they needed? You betcha”

v     Only one to pledge a “higher level of constituent service”, featuring two additional Congressional offices to help constituents in the northern half of the District --offices to be paid for primarily out of the new Congressman’s salary.

An attachment to this release summarizes Dr. Bearse’s presentation. Time was allowed for Q&A in all settings, so Bearse was able to field a number of questions on some heartfelt issues of concern. Questions from readers of this release would also be welcome. Send to or call to 603-819-1408 (campaign cell) to get a response, or go to: to participate in discussions on issues with Peter and others.

Released by Supporters of Peter Bearse for Congress on November 19, 2009