Manchester, NH – Grant Bosse, independent journalist and former Congressional Candidate for New Hampshire’s actually existing 2nd Congressional District, today announced his candidacy for Congress in the now infamous—yet non-existing—00th District in New Hampshire.  The 00th District received a whopping amount of money from the Carol Shea-Porter backed stimulus plan.  That money reportedly created nearly 3000 jobs in that district.  1st District Congressional Candidate Frank Guinta released the following statement on his new New Hampshire colleague in Congressional Candidacy:

 “I completely endorse Grant Bosse in his candidacy for Congress in the 00th District of New Hampshire.  Grant Bosse is the one who discovered this new Congressional District, along with two other phantom districts.  That makes him more on top of the Stimulus funds than the two current Representatives we have who voted for this trillion dollar debacle.  With all those new jobs and dollars being funneled into the district, I believe it deserves representation.  I know many people will tell me that, ‘Frank, but it’s not a real place, it doesn’t exist.’ However, I would argue that if Carol Shea-Porter and her colleagues voted to divvy this trillion dollars out this way, they must be actually sending it somewhere.  The district may be phantom, but the dollars the taxpayers funded this program with are not.  So Carol Shea-Porter should either join me in endorsing Grant Bosse to represent this district, or tell us where the money went and where those jobs actually are. Or, at least admit it’s an absolute disaster that she supported.”