AFP - Hot AIr Tour Rally in Portland OR

Dear Friend,

This past Wednesday night in Portland, Oregon we had hundreds upon hundreds of grassroots activists in a downtown park protesting Al Gore's (without a doubt the largest emitter of hot air in the nation) pro-cap-and-trade speech.  CLICK HERE for pictures of the event.


Hot Air Tour Rally in Portland

Ever wonder if your grassroots efforts are making a difference -- well the state's largest newspaper, The Oregonian which is one of the most liberal in the nation, editorialized the next day that the pro cap-and-trade side sees its "momentum slip sliding away..."  The Oregonian went on to detail how public opinion is turning against the cap-and-trade forces as well which is a stunning confession from such a liberal newspaper.

Al Gore tried to deflect the grassroots fire against his radical ideology by calling our Americans for Prosperity rally a " called astroturf campaign from Washington, D.C..."

Whenever the Left begins losing on an issue, instead of trying to win on the merits they resort to negative, personal attacks on the messenger.  We've seen this tactic before and it's a recipe for failure on their part.  But, they're welcome to keep trying it!

Coming up on December 8 is a crucial international conference on Global Warming (of course, now it's Climate Change) in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The goal of this conference is genuinely frightening -- nothing less than the United Nations getting the United States to accept BINDING energy emissions limits that will wreck our economy and make us accountable to the United Nations for meeting the targets of their energy rationing scheme.  CLICK HERE for more details from the Heritage Foundation on what's at stake in Copenhagen.

You can bet that Americans for Prosperity is going to call attention to this United Nations Copenhagen conference in coming days so stay tuned for details...How's that for a teaser?!?

On the health care takeover front it looks like the first procedural vote in the Senate will be this Saturday.  Here's the bottom line:  this Senate bill is every bit as bad as the House bill that passed a couple of weeks ago.  Harry Reid's bill is:

* 2,074 pages long.  There's no way these Senators can read this bill if they vote on it in the next few days and weeks.

* Cost is $2.5 trillion over first decade of full implementation - over time the deficit will go through the roof with this legislation. 

* Taxes will go up an astonishing $493.6 billion with this health care takeover.  Businesses that do not provide government-approved health care for their workers will get hit with $28 billion in new taxes, killing jobs and eroding take-home pay for American workers.  Millions of Americans will see taxes go up on their health insurance plans if the government deems them too expensive (over $8,500 per individual or $23,000 per family).

* The "government option" is in the bill, meaning we'll have government-run health insurance that over time will kill our private health insurance - a stated goal of many on the Left.

There's so much more, and you can click here for even more details.  But you get the picture. 

I realize many of you have called and emailed your Senators before on this legislation.  And, we're going to be asking you to take action many more times in the next few decisive weeks so be ready for action.

Here's the good news.  Despite all their advantages - a sitting President working aggressively, big majorities in the Senate and House, a national media that largely supports this legislation - we're now to mid-November with a fighting chance of victory on this health care takeover.  That's encouraging and due to the efforts of Americans like you who have done the hard work of freedom - going to town hall meetings, attending "Hands Off My Health Care" bus tour events, calling and emailing your elected leaders, getting involved in the tea party and 9/12 efforts, and so much more.

Now, we've got to finish the job. 

I know we can do it if we keep fighting. 




PS:  One thing you can do now to get ready for these final weeks on the health care front is to get more of your friends and family involved in the battle to protect our freedoms.  Please take a moment to forward this email to some of your friends and family.  It's easy.  Just click HERE and enter their email address.

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