NHDP Chair Issues Statement Praising the Senate's Decision to Open Debate on Historic Health Insurance Reform

Judd Gregg And Republican "Party Of NO" try to stop discussion of health insurance reform in the Senate

Concord - Tonight, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen joined her Democratic colleagues and voted to open debate on legislation that would extend coverage to 31 million Americans, including 143,000 Granite State citizens.  Senator Judd Gregg voted against continuing the discussion of health insurance reform legislation in the Senate.  Instead of standing with his constituents, Senator Gregg chose to stand with the Republican 'Party of NO,' which is offering no real alternatives and no real solutions.

"Tonight, the Senate took an important next step in passing legislation that would provide the meaningful health insurance reform our state and country desperately needs.  

"In the Granite State alone, over 143,000 people are uninsured and thousands more are struggling with costs that are spiraling out of control.  Families, businesses, and local governments can no longer bare the burden of these rising health care costs.

"I'm proud that New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen voted to move this historic legislation forward.  But unfortunately, Senator Judd Gregg chose to put health insurance companies ahead of the people of the Granite State. By voting to stop debate on health insurance reform legislation, Senator Gregg has proven that he is more interested in playing politics than coming up with solutions for New Hampshire.