CHQ - Will a Leader Embrace Our "Constitutional Moment?"

Richard Viguerie: Will a Leader Embrace Our "Constitutional Moment?"

Richard Viguerie writes in today's Washington Times that Americans-especially those involved in the grassroots Tea Party movement-are looking for political leaders who separate themselves from the political establishment, and embrace the Constitution and our founding principles as the bases for their policies.  Viguerie says that Americans are more and more turning to the Constitution as the only answer to runaway deficit spending and grave assaults on personal liberty.

We are in a "constitutional moment." The people get it.  Which leaders will, too?

Viguerie writes:

People have already come around - and many others are starting - to conclude that our policy problems are a direct result of elected officials, judges and government bureaucrats having exceeded and abused constitutional authority.

The anti-incumbent rage of the tea parties and grass-roots uprisings are being fueled by many things. Americans are opposing major legislative initiatives such as Obamacare, cap and trade, and card check not just as bad policy, but are also increasingly viewing such policy choices through the text of the Constitution.    . . .

Political movements are not static. They coalesce and even recoalesce. Right now, a powerful movement of this constitutional moment is coalescing. Any candidate not appealing to the heightened sense and awareness Americans now have about limited government by thinking, speaking and acting consistent with the Constitution is missing the tide.

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