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U.S. Policy in Afghanistan

BOB KRAUSE: A Voice of Hope for America

The Fire Inflamed by Bush Must be Extinguished by Obama before it's too Late
by Raja Mujtaba, Staff Writer in Pakistan

I find it heartening, indeed, when so many voices in America are clamoring for a troop "surge" to bring about that "big win" in Afghanistan, a win so many us know will only end is destabilization and disaster, that there are still voices of reason. This voice is from Iowa, an area of America's heartland known for agriculture and good common sense. The voice from Iowa is that of candidate for the United States Senate, Bob Krause. Bob Krause knows security isn't winning or losing but building confidence in America, a confidence shaken by years of senseless adventure and a shortage of common sense.        

As reported, addressing Democrats at the Iowa Democratic Party's annual Jefferson Jackson Day dinner on Saturday night, Bob Krause took the lead, who became the first candidate for the U.S. Senate race to call for a draw down of troops in Afghanistan.
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