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Dear Friend,

Over the last year, Americans for Prosperity has criss-crossed the nation holding rallies featuring AFP's 7-story high hot air balloon emblazoned with our message --- "Cap-and-Trade means higher taxes, lost jobs and less freedom."  

Now, with the battle over climate change at a fever pitch, Americans for Prosperity is launching a $1 million television advertising effort to further drive home our message.  As one of our key grassroots activists, I want you to see this ad before it hits the airwaves.  CLICK BELOW TO VIEW IT:


Why launch this advertising effort now?  Two reasons.

First, cap-and-trade legislation has passed the House of Representatives and the Environment and Public Works Committee in the U.S. Senate.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and John Kerry are plotting their next steps to take this job-killing, tax-increasing legislation to the full Senate.  We've got to make sure their fellow Senators know that Americans are even more opposed to their scheme.  

Second, in just 13 days thousands of the most hardcore environmentalists and international bureaucrats will descend on Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations' 2009 Climate Change Conference - where the foreign U.N. jet-set will attempt to force a global warming mandate on American citizens.  The Obama Administration is sending a top level delegation to demonstrate their resolve to support climate change legislation like cap-and-trade.  The national media is already fawning over the "world changing" possibilities of this Copenhagen climate change conference.

During this Copenhagen conference, and all the national media coverage it will generate for the pro cap-and-trade side, we want to make sure the Americans hear the truth about what Cap-and-Trade would do to American families and businesses. 

That's why Americans for Prosperity is launching this new television ad in targeted states with key "swing" Senators.  Will you chip in to help get the truth out to our fellow taxpayers?

I don't often use these emails to ask for financial support.  In most cases, I ask you to take grassroots action by attending a rally or calling your Senator or emailing your Congressman.  Many times, my emails to you are to update you on key votes or important news stories.

But, today is different.  Today, I'm asking you to help fund a television ad on cap-and-trade at a crucial time. 

Over the last year, AFP has held almost 80 rallies using our 7-story high hot air balloon -- from Omaha, Nebraska to Charleston, South Carolina and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Little Rock, Arkansas.  Out on the road you can feel the momentum building for our side.  Americans are opposed to higher taxes on energy, opposed to passing a bill that will drive up utlility rates and kill literally hundreds-of-thousands of jobs.  Our fellow citizens hear Al Gore and his friends attack in the most personal terms anyone who dares oppose their "climate change consensus."  The result -- polls show support falling for cap-and-trade legislation. 

That's why we've got to keep the pressure on these guys now.  While we have the momentum.  And, before they can use their United Nations' Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to turn things around for their side. 

Thanks for all you are doing and I hope you will help fund these important ads. 

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PS: Your investment in any amount will go a long way in telling Americans the facts about Cap-and-Trade:  it's a tax that will affect everyone and will raise the price of every good and service they buy... the hardest-hit folks will be working families and small businesses...and Cap-and-Trade won't even achieve any change in average global temperatures.