CHQ - ACORNing the Climate Change Movement

Mark Fitzgibbons: ACORNing the Climate Change Movement
American Thinker - Mark Fitzgibbons, writing at American Thinker , shows that the Climategate and ACORN scandals have some similarities. The first is corruption and the disregard of truth in pursuit of ideological and political agendas. The second is the ties both movements have to Marxism. Fitzgibbons writes that we should expect the political and big media establishments to be slow to investigate Climategate, just as they were slow to investigate ACORN. Want to know who's involved? Follow the money, and watch which government officials are slow to react.  Find This Story at News From The Front

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Doug Hoffman Says He Will be Back in 2010
Doug Hoffman for Congress - Doug Hoffman, the choice of grassroots Americans in the New York 23rd Congressional District special election, has officially conceded the race after a recount put him close behind Democratic rival Bill Owens.  In a message posted on his campaign Web site, Hoffman says he will be back in 2010. 

D-Day Memorial in Virginia Has Bust of Stalin - A bust of Josef Stalin, the Soviet leader who killed 4 million of his own people in labor camps and political prisons, is planned to be placed at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia.  The D-Day Memorial in Bedford would not disclose who made the private donations for the Stalin's bust. The, public should look into the matter to make sure the inspirational place that is devoted to the heroes of the WWII is not turned into a worshiping place of the crazy neo-Stalinist crowd.

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