Daily Grind: SEIU Targets Boy Scouts

Editorial: SEIU Targets Boy Scouts, Brings Renewed Attention to Union's Thuggery
The White House needs to reevaluate its close relationship with the union whose track record of legal threats and political violence only grows.

Bob Bauer: On the Constitution A Mixed Bag
Bauer may play second fiddle to Chairman Mao, politically, he is a radical after Obama's own heart.

Political Pornography
Sarah Palin inspires Americans to rely not on demagogues of any stripe but on themselves, thus the leftists are terrified of her.

The WIRE: Time for a Kaine Mutiny?
Today's edition covers Governor of Virginia and DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine's, new tax, Honduras update, and the newest right.

ALG in the News: The Devil's Advocate
The White Mountain Independent reprints ALG award-winning cartoonist William Warren's take on the terrorist trials in New York.