NetRight Daily: SEIU Targets Boy Scouts

SEIU Targets Boy Scouts:  Last week, Nick Balzano, an executive board member of the Service Employees International Union's (SEIU) Allentown Local 32BJ chapter resigned after threatening to file a grievance against the Allentown, PA city council for letting a Boy Scout clean up a walking path. The Scout, 17-year-old Kevin Anderson was attempting to earn an Eagle Scout badge.

VIDEO:  Don Todd from Americans for Limited Government's Research Department appeared on the Political Progress Report this morning on Fox 5 in Washington DC. Check it out!

Washington WIRE - Time for a Tim Kaine Mutiny?:  The normal posture to assume when an atavistic politician overstays his welcome and blows his exit is to politely divert the eyes in order to avoid embarrassment. But when that departing politician is also the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, it's hard to overlook a farewell faux pas of disastrous dimensions.

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