NetRight Daily: Election Night in America

Election Night Information:

Congress Must Hear Constituents and Reject Obama:  If any political candidate had an opponent who was trailing in the polls with only 42 percent support, while the incumbent was garnering over 54 percent, the race would be declared all but over. The political obituaries would already be written for the contender, who was destined to be defeated.

Using Tax Money to Push Obama's Agenda:  Buried in the interior appropriations bill headed to President Barack Obama's desk is a big spending increase for a controversial agency that his White House staff aims to use as artistic cover for creating political propaganda. National Endowment for the Arts spending goes from $155 million to $167.5 million, the most since the Clinton administration.

Harry's Shell Game:  After months of work by Senate Committees, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stepped up to the microphone and pronounced that in his opinion 'the best way to move forward is to include a public option with the opt-out provision for states." Though there is little understanding of how an opt-out provision would work, it resurrected the seemingly dead government plan that, if enacted, will eventually destroy the private insurance market.

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