WNO - Video: Rep. Joe Wilson Says Health Care Bill Will Cost 1.6 Million Jobs



"There are elements that we can agree on to help the American people but not a government takeover, not new taxes, not killing jobs. NFIB, The National Federation of Independent Business, the spokes organization for small business in America, says that what the President's proposing will cost 1.6 million jobs and at a time of high unemployment, elimination of jobs is inconceivable to me."



Who: Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC)

What: Exclusive interview regarding health care.

When: Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Wilson Soundbite #1: Government Option Will Not Work.

"They know that the government run option simply will not work. It will provide for rationing. It will provide for persons to be on waiting lists, and with the squeezing and the attack on senior citizens by Medicare and Medicaid being reduced by half a trillion dollars, my concerns of August are much worse."



Wilson Soundbite #2: Health Care Bill Is "Gruesome."

"It's gruesome...The new bill is truly worse than the old bill. It's hard to imagine, but it is."



Length of Full Interview: 9:20

Click for full video file: http://washingtonnewsobserver.com/?p=217