CHQ - Richard Viguerie: War for the Heart and Soul of the GOP Has Begun

And the first battle has been won by the small government tea party activists and grassroots conservatives

(Manassas, Virginia) 
The following is a statement by Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, concerning the results of the elections:

"The 2009 election results clearly show that the periodic notice of the demise of the conservative movement by the Republican and Democratic politicians, lobbyists, and consultants has once again been proven wrong.

"Many conservatives have left the Republican Party, but when given principled candidates to support, they will enthusiastically volunteer, donate, and vote.

"Tuesday's results should be seen as an anti-incumbent election.  Establishment politicians--Republicans and Democrats--should know that the voters are angry and are no longer content to remain uninvolved.

"The comfortable, establishment politicians of both parties should get ready for a serious primary challenge from angry tea party activists and grassroots Americans who are no longer accepting an attitude of 'business as usual.'

"The results should be seen by all politicians as a cry from previously uninvolved Americans as a 'SEND THEM A MESSAGE' election with a lot more on the way.

"And look out, President Obama and Pelosi Democrats.  The American people are trying to get your attention and the 2009 election is our first response to your big government agenda."