Coalition says positive Spending Cap vote in Manchester
shows citizens want more accountability

MANCHESTER, N.H. ― Please attribute the following statement to Andrew Demers, chairman of Citizens for Sensible Legislation, a Manchester-based political action committee:

“In voting widely for the Spending Cap in Tuesday’s elections, Manchester residents clearly said they do not trust City Hall to spend their money wisely. Too often has pressure from special interest groups driven aldermen to suspend their better judgment and support unsustainable budget hikes.”

“Manchester businesses and families have to trim their budgets during tough economic times and so should Manchester City government. With the Tax Cap in place, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the Manchester School District will be forced to work hard and use common sense to keep raises and other city employee benefits in line with Manchester businesses. Like city families that have to save enough money before they can build an addition on their house, aldermen’s pet projects will just have to wait until the city has the money to pay for them.”

“No longer will pressure from city employees who are only looking out for themselves and their out-of-state political backers have more staying power than the will of the people. It makes me proud to know that Manchester citizens did their homework and came out in force to dispel the myths and distortions of progressive groups funded by wealthy out-of-state donors.”

About Citizens for Sensible Legislation

Citizens For Sensible Legislation is a volunteer coalition of residents committed to educating the people of New Hampshire about candidates, legislation and issues that affect individual and economic liberties.