When will NH voters get their say?

Concord, NH - Yesterday, Maine citizens went to the polls to exercise the "citizens' veto" of gay marriage.  Earlier this year, the Maine state legislature and Governor approved gay marriage legislation.  Yesterday, Maine voters finally had their say in the matter, and resoundingly voted against gay marriage, 53% - 47%, thus preventing the legislation from taking effect. 

Reacting to this development, Cornerstone-Action Director, Kevin Smith, said the following:

"Yesterday's vote proves that once again, when the gay marriage issue is put to the people, the people reject it.  Thirty-one states, including Maine, have now put this question to the people and in all 31 states the people have said 'no' to gay marriage.  Even though the people of Maine decided overwhelmingly yesterday to vote against decreasing taxes and voted for medicinal marijuana, they still said "no" to having gay marriage in their state."

Smith continued, "This vote just goes to show how radical and out-of-touch the New Hampshire legislature and Governor Lynch are with the voters in New Hampshire, who if given the chance, would also vote to reject gay marriage.  It is time to 'let the people vote' by approving the constitutional amendment on this issue that will be introduced in the legislature next year."