SEIU - Clear Majority of NH Citizens Vote for Health Care Reform on Tuesday

Events at dozens of polling locations throughout the state show broad support for reform.

Concord, NH – New Hampshire residents went to the polls on Tuesday to vote in municipal elections. Across the state, many voters also had an opportunity to make their voices heard on health care reform as the US House of Representatives ahead of a vote in Congress this week by casting an unofficial ballot stating their support for real health insurance reform.

The New Hampshire Change That Works organized the actions outside of polling locations in Portsmouth, Manchester, Concord, Dover, Somersworth and Laconia. In all, nearly 1,000 people filled out ballots asking if they supported reform. Voters were also asked if they wanted Senator Judd Gregg to make his opposition to reform plain by allowing a vote on the issue in the Senate. On both questions, New Hampshire residents said “yes” by a wide margin. 

Out of 955 votes cast, 644, 67 percent, stated they were in support of the legislation recently introduced into the House of Representatives. State Representative Richard Komi of Manchester, said, "Nobody should be surprised at the results from the 'Citizen Vote.' It's obvious that we need reform and I urge Congress to vote for the Affordable Health Care for America Act to ensure that all New Hampshire small businesses and working families have access to quality, affordable health care." 

Tim McKernan collected ballots in Manchester’s 2nd Ward where a majority of voters asked Senator Gregg to allow an up or down vote in the Senate. "The results show that people want Congress to fix this broken system, but even if Sen. Gregg doesn't, he shouldn't hold up the process. New Hampshire is sending a clear message to Sen. Gregg -- lead or get out of the way." Voters also overwhelmingly indicated (87 percent) that health care reform will factor into the next general election in 2010. 

The vote in New Hampshire comes just days before an expected vote in the US House of Representatives on the Affordable Health Care for America Act. This historic legislation aims to eliminate skyrocketing premium costs by introducing competition and ending the insurance companies’ stranglehold on local markets. The House bill also levels playing field for small businesses by providing access to large-group rates in the new Health Insurance Exchange, lowering administrative costs and enabling small businesses to offer a larger choice of plans to their employees. 


Change That Works is a grassroots organization that energizes Americans in support of a broad progressive agenda. Concentrated in 12 states that are key to federal legislative outcomes, Change That Works is a vehicle for committed individuals to act on their progressive values through collective action and advocacy.