CHQ - Thoughts on the NY-23 Congressional Election Editor Richard Viguerie Gives His Thoughts on the NY-23 Congressional Election - In a personal correspondence to a friend regarding the NY-23 congressional election, Editor Richard Viguerie says, "NY-23 was a huge success for conservatives.  You will see major benefits from this race throughout 2010." [read his full thoughts here]

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Hoffman Lost, But Tea Partiers Won In NY-23
American Thinker - After the NY-23 brouhaha, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn says they won't finance candidates in contested primaries.  Grassroots Americans should never underestimate the value of putting up a fight based on principle.  



Daniel Henninger: The Permanent Tea Party
Wall Street Journal - "What was learned Tuesday is that the American voter is absolutely, totally, unremittingly disgusted with both political parties. More than anything, the American voter is desperate for political leadership."

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