Guinta To Hold Health Care Town Hall on Saturday

Manchester, NH – Thousands of American citizens today rallied on steps of the US Capitol shouting, “kill the bill!” in opposition of the Carol Shea-Porter backed health care plan. 

“The proposed government control of health care would increase taxes, force millions of Americans to have to switch doctors, cut Medicare payments and cost more than one trillion dollars,” said Guinta.  “What it doesn’t do is address true cost saving measures for Americans that would also continue the quality of and privacy of current care including: medical malpractice reform, purchasing plans across state lines, portability and technical advances in medical record maintenance.  We’ve seen what happens when government takes over an industry.  We’ve seen what happens when we let them take a trillion dollars from taxpayers and just throw it at a problem. These things don’t work and its time we held congress accountable.”

Despite the massive cost and drastic changes to individuals current health care plans, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and her colleagues have given no opportunity to the public to provide feedback on the more than 2000 pages of bureaucracy and are forcing the bill through Congress on a rapid time table.  “Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter made a name for herself taking advantage of town halls provided by her predecessor.  Yet, she simply refuses to provide the same access to her constituents.  Moreover, she is helping to make sure this bill is voted on before her constituents even have a chance to read all 2000 pages, let alone understand it. This is completely unacceptable.”

In the absence of a Town Hall or public discussion of the health care bill by the sitting Congresswoman,  Frank Guinta will be hosting one this Saturday.  Details are below.

Please go to to sign up!

WHAT:           Health Care Town Hall hosted by Frank Guinta

WHEN:           11:30am, Saturday, November 7, 2009

WHERE:         Aldermanic Chambers

                        Manchester City Hall

                        Manchester, NH