NRCC - UL: NH or Pelosi? Hodes, Shea-Porter Can Pick One

NOTE: If Pelosi's bill becomes law, New Hampshire's Medicaid costs would explode. Suddenly, state taxpayers would have to cover thousands more families, perhaps more than double the number covered now. And the bill prevents states from ever lowering eligibility requirements. We'd be stuck with those costs forever.  If Hodes and Shea-Porter vote for this bill (Hodes says he will; Shea-Porter helped Pelosi present it), they will be voting to wreck New Hampshire's state budget. They will be choosing loyalty to Nancy Pelosi over loyalty to their home state. Pay attention, New Hampshire. The fate of our low-tax, small-government ways could be decided with one vote in Washington tomorrow.

NH or Pelosi?  Hodes, Shea-Porter Can Pick One

New Hampshire Union Leader

November 6, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to organize a vote tomorrow on her health care "reform" bill. New Hampshire, pay attention. How your representatives vote could change our state forever.

The bill Pelosi wants to rush to a rare Saturday vote would force states to offer Medicaid coverage to families earning up to 150 percent of the federal poverty level. (Medicaid provides subsidized health care for the poor.) States split Medicaid costs with Washington. New Hampshire currently pays half of its Medicaid costs.

Traditionally, states have been allowed to determine who is eligible for Medicaid. That makes sense, as states pay a large share of the costs. In New Hampshire, families earning up to 63 percent of the federal poverty level can qualify.

The Democratic leadership in Washington wants to end that partnership, except for the funding part. They want to dictate who will be eligible, but still have states pay part of the cost. It's typical Washington bullying. […]

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