Says should be a wake-up call to Hodes and Shea-Porter

Washington D.C. - It was reported today that unemployment in the United States has jumped to 10.2%, the first time unemployment has reached levels above 10% in 26 years (see report via MarketWatch HERE).  Commenting on this development and how the economic "stimulus package" has done nothing to spur job growth, Cornerstone Policy Research Director, Kevin Smith, said the following:

"Hopefully this sobering news will be a wake-up call to Congressmen Hodes and Shea-Porter that the only thing the ill-conceived stimulus package did was saddle New Hampshire families with "defunct debt" that will need to be repaid at some point through more taxes.  How either of them could be considering spending even more money by voting for the proposed Pelosi health care package is simply irresponsible."


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