CHQ - Tea Party Conservatism and the GOP

Tea Party Conservatism and the GOP
Cato--In response to a forum in asking, "Is Tea Party conservatism a help or a hazard to Republicans returning to power?" Roger Pilon writes, "The question, therefore, is not whether Tea Party conservatism is a help or a hazard for Republicans seeking a return to power?  To the contrary, it is whether the Republican Party is a help or a hindrance to the Tea Party movement?  It will be a help only if it returns to its roots." [find this story at News From The Front]

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The Plot to Purge GOP Moderates
The Daily Beast--Despite the liberal-sounding title, Benjamin Sarlin writes a fairly objective article.  Citing political developments in Illinois, Connecticut, and Florida, he says, "There's plenty of evidence the New York campaign and conservative groups such as Erick Erickson's RedState, Dick Armey's FreedomWorks, and the tea party movement are having an effect."


Celebrating Limits
The American Spectator--Quin Hillyer writes, "As Tuesday's elections showed, support for limited government remains a mainstream position. Deficit spending makes majorities angry. Leviathan's tentacles, its rules and regulations, infuriate most Americans. Big bureaucracies are as popular as swine flu...Nearly a year ago, I traced the electoral success of Republicans when they do restrain spending versus those times when they don't. Hint: When they save, they win; when they spend, they lose."

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