Frank Guinta Comments on Today’s Unemployment Rates

Manchester, NH – The United State Department of Labor today released the latest jobless numbers reporting a soaring 10.2% unemployment rate for the month of October.  Unemployment across the nation and in New Hampshire has continued to climb every month since the enactment of the Carol Shea-Porter backed stimulus plan, despite her support for it as a job creating measure. 1st District Congressional Candidate Frank Guinta released the following statement on the matter:

 “People in New Hampshire and around the country are struggling and more and more families are feeling the effects of this staggering economy.  Something must be done to stop the hemorrhaging of jobs, and yet Carol Shea-Porter and Congress are doing nothing about it. You cannot fix a problem until you acknowledge one exists and the continual support of the abject failure called a stimulus plan demonstrates the Congresswoman is not willing to do that. Instead of finding a way to help our unemployed neighbors, Carol Shea-Porter stood on a stage with Nancy Pelosi to present their latest trillion dollar government takeover of health care bill and asked for more tax money, asked to indebt our country even further and asked to increase the cost of doing business in America. This latest Health Care bill is a job killer and a nightmare for small businesses and indeed the economy we should be trying to fix.

 “We need to help this economy and you do that by reducing the overbearing tax burden on the small businesses that are the backbone of this economy. We need health care reform that is responsible, effective and that does not further damage the economy for working families.  Carol Shea-porter is not granting members of the public the opportunity to speak about these concerns so, in her absence, I am.  I hope everyone joins me on Saturday at my town hall to discuss health care, the economy, the effects on each other and anything else on the minds of our citizens.”. –Frank Guinta, 1st District congressional Candidate

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