NetRight Daily: Health Care and more on Comrade Graham

Do Bluedogs Believe ObamaCare Fairy Tales?:  Members of the House could vote as early as this weekend on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's 1,900-plus page proposal to create a government-run health care system in America.

More on the Comrade Lindsey Graham Ad Buyers:  We've done two in-depth stories now on the ultra-liberal special interests behind the recent barrage of "conservative" pro-Lindsey Graham ads in South Carolina.

A True Stimulus:  The recent history of stimulus programs suggests that at least two ideas thought at first to be surefire winners left a lot to be desired once the results came in.

Journalism and the Left:  There has always been concern among fiscal conservatives that their common sense approach to government expenditures never receives a fair representation in the mainstream media.  Even when their ideas are enacted and prove to be very successful, they are derided by the news media.  The policies enacted by the Reagan Administration produced a decade of economic growth and ended many years of uncontrolled inflation, yet those policies were labeled as "trickle down economics" by the left and the news media.

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