NRCC - Shea-Porter Rubber Stamps Democrat Government Healthcare Takeover

New Hampshire Democrat Gives the Green Light to Higher Taxes, Fewer Jobs, More Government Control

Washington- Carol Shea-Porter sold out New Hampshire taxpayers in a big way tonight when she sided with her radical party leaders and offered her seal of approval for the Democrats’ government takeover of healthcare. By rubber stamping her party’s latest trillion-dollar spending spree, Shea-Porter has stuck New Hampshire families with higher taxes, fewer jobs, sweeping cuts to Medicare, and an even bigger government bureaucracy. With her vote for a bill that sticks the middle class and small businesses with billions of dollars in new taxes, Shea-Porter has sent a loud and clear signal that she has no problem with digging the nation’s economy into an even deeper hole just to pass her party’s radical agenda.

Shea-Porter's loyal adherence to the party line already put her on thin ice, but with Democrats across the country reeling from the early electoral backlash to their reckless spending agenda, Shea-Porter is now in serious danger of finding herself out of a job when Election Day rolls around:

 “For months, polls have shown that independents were increasingly disaffected with some of Obama's domestic policies. They have expressed reservations about the president's health-care efforts and have shown concerns about the growth in government spending and the federal deficit under his leadership.


“Tuesday's elections provided the first tangible evidence that Republicans can win their support with the right kind of candidates and the right messages. That is an ominous development for Democrats if it continues unabated into next year.” (Dan Balz, “Contests Serve as a Warning to Democrats: It’s Not 2008 Anymore,” Washington Post, 11/4/09)

Recent polling shows that the Democrats’ healthcare takeover agenda is a losing issue with the public:

 “Fifty-nine percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey say lawmakers should continue working on the legislation, a rise of 6 points since August.”


“According to the poll, 45 percent support President Barack Obama's proposals to reform health care, with 53 percent opposed to his plans.”


“‘Six in ten independents say they oppose Obama's health care proposals,’ says [CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. ‘That's a nine point increase since October.’” (Paul Steinhauser, “CNN Poll: Public Wants Congress to Keep Working on Health Care,” CNN Political Ticker, 11/6/09)

 “As the country recoils against the Democrats’ reckless crusade for higher spending and more government control, Carol Shea-Porter just walked off a cliff at the request of her party bosses by voting for a bill that hikes taxes, slashes Medicare, kills jobs, and puts small businesses and middle class New Hampshire families in an even bigger bind,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain “With unemployment at over 10 percent and voters clamoring for real solutions rather than more runaway spending, Shea-Porter's decision to back her party leaders at the expense of the people she claims to represent is unconscionable. After selling out New Hampshire families once again, this much is clear: The Carol Shea-Porter farewell tour begins today.”

After months of horse trading and party infighting, Democrats finally passed the centerpiece of their massive government takeover agenda. While Nancy Pelosi surely has a smile on her face, that won’t save Carol Shea-Porter from the political peril she’ll face with voters back in New Hampshire.