CEI Weekly: Cuomo's Anti-Trust Witch Hunt

>>CEI Blasts Antitrust Lawsuit Against Intel

CEI's Ryan Radia criticized New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and his groundless antitrust case again Intel. Radia accuses Cuomo of "using his authority to make headlines at consumers’ expense," and "[delaying] innovation in the computer chip market." Read the full news release here.

>>Wayne Crews and Ryan Radia's analysis of the lawsuit is cited in articles in Reuters, PC WorldPC Mag, and PC Advisor. Crews' complete analysis is available on Openmarket.org

>>CEI Decries Sen. Boxer's Disregard in Passing Cap-and-Trade Bill Through Committee

Refusing to wait for a complete analysis of the economic impacts of S. 1733 (the Clean Energy Jobs and American Security Act), Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer rammed the bill through the Environment and Public Works Committee. CEI discusses what may have caused Boxer to disregard the Senate committee rule that requires at least two members of the minority party to be present.

>>CEI's Myron Ebell was quoted in USA Today on a survey of economists' opinions on climate agreements to limit global warming.

>>Shaping the Debate

New Report: Cap-and-trade is a Bust in Europe

Iain Murray's quote in the Washington Examiner

Yes, Virginia Fox

Wayne Crews and Ryan Young's op-ed in the American Spectator 

Eliminating Antitrust Exemption Will Kill Health Care Competition

Greg Conko and Kevin Hilferty's op-ed in the Investor's Business Daily

'Amazon Taxes' Fad Harmful to States, Consumers, Business

Ryan Young's op-ed in the Heartland Institute

>>Best of the Blogs

Cap-and-Trade Global Warming Bill is a Scam, Experts Reveal

by Hans Bader

Two EPA lawyers criticized the cap-and-trade energy bill passed by the House as a scam, noting in The Washington Post that it will be manipulated to profit politically connected corporations and reward certain kinds of pollution, while not cutting greenhouse gas emissions.  A similar scheme enacted in Europe in the name of fighting global warming enriched polluters, while not reducing emissions, which actually rose faster in most of Europe than in the U.S.

MPAA: Net Neutrality Will Kill Film Industry

by Elizabeth Jacobson

The Motion Picture Association of America has come out against net neutrality… sort of. In its filing with the FCC late last week, the MPAA reminded the commission of the importance of content companies in driving new infrastructure technologies, and claims that protecting these content companies (i.e. forcing ISPs to filter out file-sharers) is vital for the future health of the internet.

>>Liberty Week Podcast

Episode 67: Cash for Kids in Court

We start with the looming off-year elections, the unexpected lack of tropical storms and a cash for kids scandal in Pennsylvania. We finish with the fall of a spam king and the swine that didn’t squeal.

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