CHQ - RNC Tries Conservative Checklist to Appease Grassroots

RNC Needs More than a Checklist - In response to the groundswell of conservative activism targeting Republican-backed liberal candidates, the Republican National Committee is looking into a "checklist" that will require Republican candidates to meet a threshold of traditional Republican values before receiving RNC money.  While the list may be a positive sign, the diversity and independence of the conservative grassroots movement will not completely protect Republican candidates from criticism or protest.  Read the Blog Here

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Republicans: United Against Obama, Unsure About Their Own Leaders
Politics Daily - "While Republicans are strongly united -- and many of them angry -- in opposition to President Obama's policies, their view of their own party is far from strong, with just 49 percent believing GOP leaders are taking it in the right direction while 42 percent say they are not, according to a Washington Post poll conducted Nov. 19-23."

Let the Great Global Warming Cover-Up Begin!
PA Pundits - "President Obama has repeatedly said the United States has to reduce its CO2 emissions, the mantra of the global warming liars. It would destroy what's left of our battered, debt-ridden economy. So a major cover-up will be the objective of the U.S. news media that has pushed 'global warming' for years with one scare story after another aimed at energy producers and users. The battle now is to force the mainstream media to tell the truth about 'global warming' and to find out just how many billions of taxpayers dollars have been squandered on junk climate science and policies detrimental to the nation."

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