NRSC - Reform options: Yes, others exist

Reform options: Yes, others exist

Union Leader Editorial

December 1, 2009

In a column in the New Hampshire Sunday News two days ago, Rep. Paul Hodes falsely claimed that Americans have only two options for health care reform: The Obamacare proposal he voted for, or nothing.

It's not surprising that Hodes made this untrue assertion. It's one of the talking points handed to him by party leaders, which he blindly repeats without question. It started with President Obama, filtered down to Nancy Pelosi, then on to Hodes and his fellow Democratic members of Congress.

Americans who pay attention to the health care debate know it isn't true. They know that Obama ignored Republican proposals this past spring and Nancy Pelosi refused to include them in the bill she rammed through the House last month.

They know that there are many different ways to improve health insurance and health care that don't involve creating a new, government-run insurer, dozens of new federal bureaucracies, tax hikes on the middle class and a mandate that all Americans buy insurance or face prison time.

To get you to accept their agenda, Hodes and his big-government buddies are denying the existence of other choices besides theirs. It is only the first of many denials of choice to come if their plan becomes law.